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Welcome to the iDetailAid Support Site

This is a resource for users of iDetailAid, helping you simplify the creation, localisation and management of Digital Sales Aid content.

It is divided into 5 main sections:

  • Getting Started: a quick way to jump in to iDetailAid and get started with basic functions and concepts.
  • Content Authoring: information on all aspects of the creation of content from presentations to slides to the use of navigation and assets.
  • Publishing Content: once content is created, how to release this to its intended audience or system.
  • Developer Documentation: while iDetailAid can be used as a "no code" system, it also provides more advanced features and inline code editing for the creation of more complex interactions.
  • Release Notes: information on all of the releases that iDetailAid has been through.
  • Other Resources: easy access to all the how to guides, videos and best practices.
  • Platform administration: instructions on the administration of iDetailAid within your organisation.