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Video Support on iDetailAid

Logging in to iDetailAid

Video to show logging in

Logging out of iDetailAid

Video to show logging out


Creating a Slide

Video for Creating a Slide

Naming a Slide

Video for Naming a Slide

Adding Content

Video for adding content to a Slide

Duplicating Content Areas

Video for Duplicating Content

Layering Content Areas


Customising the Slide Background

Video for Slide Background

Creating an Overlay

Video for Creating an Overlay

Launching Overlays

Video for Adding Actions for Overlay

Content Borders

Video for Content Area Border

Animating Content Areas

Video for Animating a Content Area

Scrolling Text Areas

Video for Scrollable Text

Creating a Table

Video for Creating a Table


Creating a Presentation

Video for Creating a Presentation

Previewing a Presentation

Video for Previewing a Presentation


Creating Templates

Video for Creating a Tempalte

Adding a Navigation Collection

Video for Navigation Collections

Adding an Ad-Hoc Button

Video for Navigation Collections


Adding an Action to Slide

Video for Adding an Action