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iDetailAid 1.7.6

We are pleased to announce the release of iDetailAid 1.7.6 which will be available on Thursday 9th November 2017.

This release of the platform focuses on the introduction of a new administration interface to provide greater control of products, territories and Vault instance integration.

Platform configuration

It is now possible for platform administrators to modify configuration options related to enabled features, slide properties, custom forms and Vault integration at both a whole product and individual country level.

This is a significant advancement in the management of the platform and provides a much greater level of control to platform administrators.

Content copying

The content copying function has now been enhanced to allow greater flexibility in regard to what content can be duplicated into other territories. Simplification of the content copying interface also makes the process much more straight forward.

Vault instance administration

For the first time it is possible for platform administrators to configure the Vault instance(s) that iDetailAid will publish to. This means that connection settings, country and product mappings, relationship and document types can all be updated through the iDetailAid administration interface.

Bug fixes

As usual, there have also been a number of minor issues resolved and bugs squashed.

If you have any questions about the iDetailAid 1.7.6 release or anything else, please contact