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Content Authoring

iDetailAid provides a simple and intuitive, web-based, drag and drop interface for the creation of digital sales aid content.

This section details how interactive content can be created using slides, presentations, digital assets and navigational elements.

  • Slides: Slides are the individual pages of content that are assembled together to create messaging flows.
  • Presentations: Presentations are collections of slides in horizontal and vertical flows.
  • Navigation and Actions: Navigational elements provide users with the ability to move through slides in presentations.
  • Assets: Assets are the elements that make up the content of the slides.


During the product set-up the iDetailAid team will define the fonts, colours and styles as per your product brand guidelines. To ensure design consistency, these cannot be changed by the content creators using the iDetailAid platform. Our style sheet can be accessed here for guidance on what parts of the platform can be customised to your brand.