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Veeva Integration

The iDetailAid team has worked closely with Veeva Systems to provide a seamless integration with Veeva Vault and CRM so that users can quickly and easily create interactive and measurable iRep-compatible presentations directly from iDetailAid's content creation interface.


The Vault configuration is done by the iDetailAid team. This article is here to help you understand the types of things that can be configured

Configuring the Veeva Publisher

iDetailAid can be configured to publish content to multiple Vault instances, each of which carries it's own configuration as detailed below.

The Vault configuration as a number of sections which contain information specific to how content should be published to that particular Vault and allows customisation based on the configuration of the customer or agency Vault instance:

  • info - information that is displayed to the user on the publish page to let them know to where content is being published.
  • connection - details of how to connect to the Vault API.
  • products - a mapping of iDetailAid product codes to Vault product codes (which differ per Vault).
  • countries - a mapping of iDetailAid country codes to Vault country codes (which differ per Vault).
  • default_fields - static or dynamic data that can be passed to the Vault API for different entity types including approval_doc, asset, presentation and slide.
  • document_fields - used for the Vault Digital Asset Management integration.
  • document_types - used for the Vault Digital Asset Management integration.
  • lifecycle_actions - defines the lifecycle actions iDetailAid should instigate for slides once published.
  • relationships - used to create relationships between documents in Vault.
  • call_clickstream - used to configure the out the box, and custom call click stream tracking.
  • renditions - configures the rendition type for the Vault instance.

iDetailAid configuration: Veeva Vault

The Veeva Vault section of the Product and Country configuration allows you to select which Veeva Vault instance content should be published to.