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Introduction to Presentations

iDetailAid provides the ability to assemble slides into presentations. Multiple presentations can be linked together to create dynamic flows of content.

Creating a Presentation

To create a new presentation, select the 'Presentations' tab from the top navigation bar and select 'Create New Presentation'.

Creating a Presentation

Video for Creating a Presentation

Presentation Details

Under presentation details there are 4 areas that require input:

  • Title - name of the presentation. This is a required field and will be displayed to the user when published to the iPad
  • Description - for internal use only, this is not a mandatory field but can be used for any internal comments/notes associated with a presentation
  • Approval code - used for inputting the approval code/version number of the presentation to be published. This would typically be a 'job bag' number or similar code
  • Cover Image - used as the front cover for the presentation and shown on the homepage of the 'Presentations' tab and also as the image for the presentation shown on the iPad. iDetailAid will automatically use the first slide of the presentation as the cover image

Presentation Builder

To create a presentation simply drag and drop slides from the 'Available Slides' carousel into the 'Presentation Builder'.

Slides can be added to a presentation both horizontally, to create a 'wide' linear presentation, as well as vertically to create a 'deep' presentation, or a combination of the two methods.

To move a column, click on the top of the column stack and drag either left or right to reposition.

Available Slides

All available slides for the Product/Region are displayed in the 'Available Slides' carousel, where a thumbnail for each is shown.


When you have a large number of slides in the slide sorter, you can easily navigate the presentation by either dragging left and right, or by using the < > cursor keys.

Mousing over the slide thumbnail image allows the user to:

  • Display a larger image of the slide
  • Edit the slide - this takes the user through to the slide editor


You can filter slides in the Available Slides area by using the search box. This also supports additional filters such as "title:" and "id:"

Hiding Slides

You may want to hide presentations in order to create more complex flows or sub flows of content. A hidden presentation can only be accessed when linked to from another presentation, giving you the ability to control exactly how and when the hidden content is accessed.

To do this, the 'Should this presentation be hidden?' tick box should be marked as checked.

Editing an Existing Presentation

To edit an existing presentation, select the 'Presentations' tab from the top navigation bar, hover over an existing presentation and click the 'edit icon'.

Previewing a Presentation

To preview a presentation, click the presentation and click on the 'Preview' button. This generates a popup window within which the presentation is displayed. This view provides an accurate representation of how the slide will render when on an iPad device.

Previewing a Presentation

Video for Previewing a Presentation