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Introduction to Templates

Templates within the iDetailAid system are very similar to the concept of "Master Slides" in Microsoft Powerpoint, content authors are now able to define reusable templates with fixed content or placeholders which can be used as the basis for slides.

Templates can also include overlays meaning commonly accessed additional content such as Important Safety Information can be maintained in a single place, but initiated from multiple slides.

An associated new role has also been introduced which will allow administrators to assign template editing permissions to individual users. Content Authors will be responsible for creating templates for Editors to use across a product and region.

Creating Templates

To create a new template, select the 'Templates' tab from the top navigation bar and select 'Create New Template'.

Creating a New Template

Video for Creating a Template

Editing Templates

To edit an existing template, select the 'Templates' tab from the top navigation bar, hover over an existing template and click the 'edit icon'.

Placeholders in Templates

Multiple Common Slides

Where a content editor is creating a presentation consisting of a large number of slides we would recommend the following:

  1. Review and identify common slide layouts within your content.
  2. Once identified, create a slide for each common layout within your presentation.
  3. Once saved, these slide templates can be duplicated using the 'duplicate slide' functionality and edited as required.
  4. Use this technique to quickly create new slides where there are common themes or content which can be edited and changed quickly to produce a new slide.